Meadow Preparation South East England

PRC Landscapes offer a full meadow preparation and maintenance service in Wiltshire and surrounding counties.

Meadow Planning

Before thinking about turning your garden into a area of flower rich grassland, there a number of things that should be considered. Wildflower meadows will require maintenance.

PRC Landscapes, working closely with Charles Flower we will run tests on the soil fertility and soil type. So the right flowers for you meadow can be chosen.

Meadow Preparation

PRC Landscapes will make sure that a firm weed free seedbed is created and that all original weeds have been removed. The site will then be treated with a non-residual herbicide several weeks before we sow and replough the meadow. If you are more interested in a different type of meadow, for example you would like a chalk based meadow but have no chalk we will lay this during this phase.

Meadow Maintenance

Meadows require maintenance. During the first year this will include several cuts to height of around 90-100mm throughout the year. During the second and following seasons the meadow will be need t be cut between March and early may and then not cut in June which allows the flowers to blossom and then cutting would resume between July and October. The meadow will not need to be cut are frequently in following years as the weeds will gradually be reduced. PRC Landscapes will also clear all cuttings from the site which is required every time you cut a meadow.

If you are interested in turning your garden or an area of greenland into a stunning meadow full of wildflowers then please contact us for a quotation.

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Resin Bound Gravel Drive
Lightwater, Surrey

“Our Neighbours observed how good your work was and several have complemented it. It is interesting that people seem quite so moved by what they see. The Ronacrete product is clearly perceived as being just so much better than the alternatives for a driveway.”

Block Paving & Resin Bound Gravel
Lightwater, Surrey

“Thank you very much for the work you did for us to install a Ronacrete RonaDeck resin bound gravel surfaced driveway and the Yorkstone paving for the porch area. When I look at it I find more and more to appreciate about its general appearance and the evident care put into the detail of construction”

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