Formwork Steel Fixings South East England

PRC Landscapes carry our many groundwork services in Wiltshire and are based in Warminster. Our formwork and steel fixing in Wiltshire is carried out by our professional and qualified team, giving you peace of mind that your formwork and steel fixing in Wiltshire is being carried out to the highest possible standards.


Formwork is the term given to permanent or temporary molds which concrete or similar materials is poured into.

PRC Landscapes cover all the various aspects of formwork. We are more than happy to carry out formwork with traditional timber formwork

Steel Fixings in Wiltshire

Steel fixings are reinforced bar also known as rebar, and steel mesh which is used in reinforced concrete construction projects.

The PRC Landscapes team has experience in commercial and domestic projects which involve steel fixings across Wiltshire and the South East of England.

We have the ability to install reinforcement bars and concrete with complete accuracy to your specifications. We can install reinforcing steel above or below ground.

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Resin Bound Gravel Drive
Lightwater, Surrey

“Our Neighbours observed how good your work was and several have complemented it. It is interesting that people seem quite so moved by what they see. The Ronacrete product is clearly perceived as being just so much better than the alternatives for a driveway.”

Block Paving & Resin Bound Gravel
Lightwater, Surrey

“Thank you very much for the work you did for us to install a Ronacrete RonaDeck resin bound gravel surfaced driveway and the Yorkstone paving for the porch area. When I look at it I find more and more to appreciate about its general appearance and the evident care put into the detail of construction”

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