Concrete South East England

PRC Landscapes offer services as a concrete contractor in Wiltshire and South East England including Bromley, Lightwater and Amersham.

Concrete can sometimes get overlooked as a surface due to it lack of colour or interest, but plain concrete is very useful in areas where a decorative look is not required.

We have carried out concrete contractor jobs for concrete paving, concrete sheds, concrete garage bases.

Concrete Pouring

PRC Landscapes can not only carry out all the formwork and steel fixings on a project but our team also provide concrete pouring in Wiltshire and surrounding counties.

Types of Concrete Finishes

Concrete Float Finish

This type of finish can be carried out with a wooden or steel float that smooths out and levels the concrete. This helps embed aggregate particles just beneath the surfaces and removes any slight imperfections, humps and voids. Troweling should not be done on a surface that has not been floated.

Concrete Power Float Finish

This type of finish results in a hard wearing finished surface, suitable for high trafficked areas such as car parks, driveways or concrete garage floors. These types of floors can be reinforced with mesh, steel fibres or plastic, depending on usage and loadings

Concrete Tamping Finish

Tampers push coarse aggregate in the concrete below the concrete surface and consolidate the concrete. Tamping is only done on low slump concrete.

Concrete Brush Finish

A brushed finish is applied after the concrete has been levelled. The type of finish depends on the coarseness of the bristles on the brush and the length and shape of the brush. This type of finish is suitable for areas trafficked either by vehicles or foot and suitable for mechanical handling plant.

Our Work

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Resin Bound Gravel Drive
Lightwater, Surrey

“Our Neighbours observed how good your work was and several have complemented it. It is interesting that people seem quite so moved by what they see. The Ronacrete product is clearly perceived as being just so much better than the alternatives for a driveway.”

Block Paving & Resin Bound Gravel
Lightwater, Surrey

“Thank you very much for the work you did for us to install a Ronacrete RonaDeck resin bound gravel surfaced driveway and the Yorkstone paving for the porch area. When I look at it I find more and more to appreciate about its general appearance and the evident care put into the detail of construction”

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